Leadercast Women is a conference AND dialogue where attendees:

» engage in meaningful dialogue and connect at a deeper level with other leaders

» connect with like-minded women leaders and a community of action-takers

We give you whitespace and a platform to

» create connections
» focus on the long run
» build your personal boards of advisors
» uncover and re-frame internal and external barriers that prevent women like you from stepping into and claiming their mission-centered, natural leadership styles

This is not your typical personal development seminar.

You are the off-stage presenter — teaching and learning from your fellow participants as well as our expert speakers.

The Leadercast Women content is workshop-based, meaning participants are doing “the work” throughout the event and leave the conference with steps to make sustainable, actionable change in their lives.

January 18, 2019

Bixby Auditorum

Brouder Science Center

Columbia College

Who is Leadercast Women for?

Women who are rising in leadership in supervisory, executive or ownership roles of a small business, corporate, non-profit, startup or education setting who:

» value those they lead, but feel like they spend more time working on other people’s agenda rather than leading
» desire connection to other like-minded leaders, but feel more and more isolated as they achieve more
» want to make an impact on their family, their community and their organization, but recognize they need support of other like-minded women and action-takers.

We also welcome:

» Supporting managers and mentors who advocate for and support women in the workforce
» High-potential and high-achieving junior leaders seeking role models and mentors
» Men in leadership positions who support and champion women

Why Attend?

After years of pushing for change, today’s professional women are breaking down the institutional barriers, stereotypes and inequalities that inhibit their progress. Leadercast Women offers an opportunity to learn from, and be inspired by, globally recognized women who are pioneers in championing the cause of women leaders. It offers women the type of support required to flourish in our rapidly changing world.

By attending, women will expand their capacity and gain confidence and skills to become part of the growing movement of women who are impacting the world.

At Leadercast Women, you will:

Discover the total business impact of strengthening women’s leadership roles.

Engage in constructive dialogue with women and men attendees in an environment that emphasizes equality, respect, and mutual leadership goals

Gain new strategies for increasing the effectiveness of networks and mentorships.

Understand powerful negotiating tactics to advance oneself and others.

Focus on enhancing your leadership skills by removing yourself from your everyday work environment and all of its distractions

Network and collaborate with peers and mentors

The connections made will be long-lasting, and the new perspectives gained will be career-changing. Come experience a one-of-a-kind conference, an agenda curated with impactful content.

While the core values and behaviors of Leaders Worth Following are certainly not gender-specific, it’s a fact that women often face unique life decisions and organizational challenges. The Leadercast Women team believes we have an obligation and responsibility to address the challenges head-on.

Leadercast Women Speakers

Our world-renowned speakers will make a deep impression on your consciousness, galvanize you for action, and show you how you can transform yourself into the most effective type of leader. You’ll be impressed by the achievements of our speakers and riveted by the courage and talents of these women. You will learn how you, too, can be a leader who motivates people and champions ideas in ways you never thought possible.

Clemantine Wamariya

Human Rights Activist

Molly Fletcher

Sports Agent

Ritu Bhasin

President, Bhasin Consulting

Barbara Bush

Co-Founder And Board Chair, Global HealthCorps

Celeste Headlee

Journalist and Author

Jess Ekstrom

CEO, Headbands Of Hope

Jenna Bush Hagar

Founding Chairperson, UNICEF Next Generation

Julia Landauer

Champion NASCAR racer

Marilyn Tam

Former Executive At Aveda, Nike And Reebok


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Leadercast Women is the world’s largest professional development event for women, which offers a unique opportunity for your organization to elevate its profile with women leaders around the state.

Why Sponsor?

Enhance your reputation as a champion for women leaders

Be associated with supporting the cause of advancing women in leadership, and our mission of dramatically impacting the leadership capability and prosperity of women leaders in our region.

Reach thousands of professional women

We reach more than 12,000 women statewide through our online promotions and mailing list. We invest heavily in online and email marketing to ensure broad participation from women all over the state. We also lean heavily on our partners to broadcast the summit to their mailing lists and social media followers. Sponsors receive extensive pre- and post-conference publicity that will provide top-level exposure to key audiences.

Brand awareness

Sponsors are invited to provide high-quality, value-add materials for attendees in the form of giveaways, door prizes and experiential branding within the venue. This provides added benefit and interest to potential attendees, plus broadens reach and exposure.

The compounding effect of collaboration

We are ready to work closely with our sponsors to provide a great deal of promotional information about the event to be shared through each partners’ contact list and database. Working together in this way allows us all to benefit. The more people we reach with the message of the event and its value and benefits, the more individuals will be moved to action to participate. Combined efforts to cross promote create powerful marketing synergy.

Women control slightly more than half of all personal wealth in the United States. They make 83% of all household purchasing decisions.

Women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy, representing $3.3 trillion in purchasing power.

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