You’re in!

Yesterday’s leadership won’t work with today’s challenges.

And answering today’s challenges will only come from a growing leader that’s ready to be better and different and more impacting tomorrow.

So if you want to be effective today, you need to learn how to lead better and influence better.

If you want to be relevant tomorrow, you need to learn how to lead, how to influence more effectively. It’s a guarantee.

It’s a guarantee that you can grow and you can reach greater potential of influence by developing your leadership.


You have taken a great step in your leadership journey.

The step to Develop the Leader Within You!

Here’s how it works

6 LIVE calls

Week 1 – Wednesday, August 1 11:30-12:30 p.m.
Week 2 – Wednesday, August 8 11:30-12:30 p.m
Week 3 – Wednesday, August 15 11:30-12:30 p.m
Week 4 – Wednesday, August 22 11:30-12:30 p.m
Week 5 – Wednesday, August 29 11:30-12:30 p.m
Week 6 – Wednesday, September 5 11:30-12:30 p.m
* All times are Central

3 additional recorded lessons

These will be released in between other sessions. You will receive these calls via email throughout the 6 weeks.

Access to all the recordings of the live calls

Each week, after our live call, you will receive an email with the link to listen to the recording. These emails will also include links to all previous recordings. 

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will have the ability to download all 10 lessons so you can go back and apply the teachings whenever you’d like.

Q&A sessions during each call

At the end of each teaching lesson, there will be time for one-on-one Q&A. You can join the queue to ask a question by hitting *6 once I open the queue during the call.

You will find that I am not going to watch the clock too tightly. I have devoted time on my calendar beyond the one hour each week. I truly want everyone to have a chance to get the most out of the program.

Private Facebook group for Mastermind Discussion

Join the Facebook Group to connect with other members – past and present – to discuss the topics of the program and your leadership journey.

Unlimited access to me

In addition to the calls, you may also access me via email at your convenience. Please give me 24 hours during the week and 48 hours during the weekend to respond. Every communication is very important to me and I want to be able to give yours the attention it deserves.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns, questions, or comments that you feel you cannot ask on the weekly calls when I open the lines for Q&A time.

Unlimited access to the program

in addition to your library of recordings, you can join a teaching or mastermind call anytime you feel stuck or need additional support on your journey. You can also post questions, challenges, or successes ANYTIME in the Closed Facebook Group ONLY for those in or previously in the program.


Your full workbook will all be emailed before the first call


Email me if you have any questions that have not been covered here

Proven experience from the expert…

Valerie Zumwalt will be your guide and mentor through this journey and will give you proven practices to live by in order for you to experience growth and fulfillment in your life and business.

Valerie is a certified speaker, trainer and coach with The John Maxwell Team. As a member of the team, she is mentored and coached by John directly along with his world-class faculty. John holds the distinction of being named the world’s #1 leadership expert by the American Management Association, and he’s passionate to share what he has learned in his career as a mentor, coach, and entrepreneur for over 40 years.

Valerie is the founder of Show Me Leaders, a leadership growth company helping emerging and established leaders define and design their ability to RELATE to others; their ability to EQUIP others, their ATTITUDE and mindset and their LEADERSHIP and influence.

204 Peach Way, Suite D
Columbia, Mo 65203