If we want our lives to improve, we must improve ourselves, because nobody else will do it for us.

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Until your people skills are strong, your influence will be weak. Only very tiny visions can be accomplished alone; to achieve anything worthwhile involves working with a team. To multiply our influence, we must learn to connect with others in mutually productive ways.

Many leaders sacrifice their marriages and families in pursuit of success only to find that professional accomplishment is not worth the expense of private heartache. Relationships with loved ones cannot be taken for granted. Like any relationship, they need investments of time and energy. People with contented family lives are intentional about showing appreciation to those they love, and they are committed to fighting for the relationships that matter most to them.


Trying to do everything on your own leads to frustration and limitation. If you want to reach your potential and build something of lasting value, then you need to become a team player. Superheroes only inhabit the land of fiction; doing something heroic in the real world involves assembling and equipping a talented team.

Equipping is an ongoing process to train people to think and act like leaders. The ideal equipper imparts vision, evaluates a potential leader’s needs, supplies the right tools, and accompanies him or her through the beginning states of the leadership journey. The equipper models the way, mentors by drawing on personal experience, and empowers by instilling in the potential leader both the desire and ability to perform with excellence.


As a reflection of what’s inside of you, your attitude affects your relationships, either drawing people to your side or repelling them from you. Attitude also colors your view of failure, and it defines your approach to success. A negative attitude predisposes you to perform poorly, while a sunny disposition sets you up to do well in life, regardless of circumstance. In short, attitude makes or breaks you.

An attitude is nothing more than the byproduct of the dominant thoughts that occupy our minds. Since our thought patterns influence the way we feel, we can control our attitudes by taking charge of what we dwell on mentally. Ultimately, what we allow to captivate our attention determines our attitude and drives our action.


Personal success without leadership competence brings only limited effectiveness. A person’s impact is only a fraction of what it could be with good leadership. The higher your want to climb, the more you need leadership. What you ultimately accomplish depends upon your ability to influence others.

Some leaders haphazardly engage in growth opportunities, but never witness any actual progress. They spin their wheels with seeing any forward motion. To upgrade your influence, you need to keep the end in mind by committing yourself to achieve measureable goals.

Leaders who leave a legacy create a sustainable leadership culture. They build durable organizations with strong leaders at every level. After stepping down, they don’t have to worry about everything falling apart because a team of leaders exists to keep the vision moving forward.

Our Events

Leadercast is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. Broadcast live from Atlanta to 450 host sites around the world, Leadercast CoMo brings together many of the world’s most recognized and respected global leaders to create a leadership experience unlike any other.

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Live 2 Lead is a leadership development experience designed to equip you and your team with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways. You’ll breathe new life into your leadership during this information-packed event.

Leadercast Women is a positive, safe, comfortable, collaborative environment for women to hear experts share their experiences, engage in meaningful dialogue and connect at a deeper level with others who are on that same journey. and seeking like-mineded women leaders and a community of action-takers.


Monthly lunch & learns feature replays of simulcast speakers as well as live-teaching that you can use to inspire and motivate your team while tackling key issues in the workplace such as purpose, vision, goal-setting, communication and leadership.

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“I am leaving feeling inspired, like I’ve grown and learned more than I’ve learned personally and professionally in a long time.”

“The speakers were amazing. They delivered their messages in a way that met me where I am and gave me encouragement to move forward successfully with hope in my purpose.”


“I expected advice for leading at work. I did not expect to receive so much thoughtful, inspiring advice for my whole life.”

“The content was excellent. I have attended a number of leadership programs which did not give me new information or make me think. This program did.”

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I usually have trouble sitting still for this long and staying engages. I did not struggle being attentive today.


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